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November 26, 2005

Frequently Asked Questions

Although I can't avoid being a little nationalist whilst building Brazil, as I told you before, I want to offer you TRANSPARENT information, and this means I have to be realist.

Following you'll find some questions people use to ask me about Brazil.

Q - Is Brazil safe (regarding urban violence)?
A - Some cities are really dangerous, like Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo. There you'll be more at risk than in other big cities around the world. But of course, it depends on your behaviour. If you are discreet, walk only by the most touristic areas, carry only little amounts of money, you may have no problems. Small cities in Brazil, otherwise, are usually safe like other small cities in Europe or USA. Moreover, people there use to be more friendly than in the big cities, because it's easier to meet each other in a village. And being friendly it's an important part of our values.

Q - Why are some cities in Brazil dangerous?
A - Due to the poverty. Brazil is the 11th richest country in the world, but there's a huge difference between rich and poor people. Over 30 million people are under the poverty line, so some of them have to steal to get their daily meal. You can get info on how to avoid problems in the tips and advice section.

Q - What are the "must see" destinations in Brazil?
A - It depends on what you're looking for. Most travel agencies will offer you packages to Rio, São Paulo, Iguazu Falls or Salvador de Bahia. But Brazil has over 5.500 cities, with lots of things to choose from.

If you want nature there are hundreds of cities you can visit with jungles, beaches, a desert and short mountains. The Amazon (north) it's the most exotic one. To get there you have to take a flight to Manaus. There are beautiful beaches in the northeast, where you'll find a bit of the paradise in places close to Natal, Fortaleza or São Luis. If you want urban entertainment, the southeast region is the best place, because it has the biggest cities of the country (Rio, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte).

If you want to go by Carnival, I suggest you any small city in Bahia (a state in the northeast). Party everyday, even before and after carnival's date.There is also a good carnival in other states as well, like Pernambuco, Minas Gerais or Rio. While in Bahia Carnival is celebrated more in the streets with all people together, in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo the most important events are the parades.

The south of the country is also interesting, because there you'll find a mix between European and Brazilian cultures. And moreover, you'll be near to the borders of other south american countries, like Argentina and Paraguay, and it will be easy to visit those countries if you want to.

More FAQs later.

Starting up again

It's been a long time since my previous (the first AND unique post :-). Time flies! The point is that I've been busy with other matters for Brazil Until now I had to do everything myself: design, program, promote and write content. And all of this things for a site that, at this moment, is non-commercial (although I hope to earn some money with it in the future). So, thank you for your patience in waiting a little bit. If you want to contribute with some content or comments, I'd be very thankful. And you'll be helping everybody interested in Brazil to understand it better.

August 27, 2005

About this blog

Hi all.

I'm Paulo, Brazilian, 29 years old.

I'm creating Brazil and this blog in order to offer useful information to foreign people interested in knowing more about Brazil. While Brazil gathers most part of the info about travel, culture, etc., here I'll be discussing - in a personal but impartial way - questions you probably have in mind about Brazil.

When most people think of Brazil they rememer typical images like football, beaches, carnival... and maybe also urban violence, poverty... It's true that some of those images are real (good and bad ones), but Brazil has much more to offer. There are lots of good things and destinations you may want to know, and I'll bringing them to you here.

So, my main goal for this blog is offer you TRANSPARENT and RELEVANT information. If you want to know anything about Brazil, just ask me and we can build the blog's content together. I'll reply as many posts as I can, and when not, other people may help you.

Thanks for coming and Travel to BraZil BraSil .com.